Did An Accident
Put You Out Of Work ?

Were You Injured In A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident?

An auto accident can turn your life upside down. One moment, you’re cruising down the highway. The next, you’re in the emergency room. If you were injured in a car accident due to someone’s negligent actions behind the wheel, call a trusted attorney for assistance. Whitworth Law Firm offers top-tier legal assistance for auto accident cases in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a qualified and experienced attorney on your side, you can obtain proper support for your insurance and courtroom battles.

Work With A Reputable Law Firm For Your Auto Accident Case

If you believe that the other driver was reckless, you can pursue compensation for your injuries. Attorney Richard G. Whitworth has fought for auto accident victims in Baton Rouge for over 30 years. He can guide you through all aspects of your claim, including:

  • Filing for insurance benefits
  • Investigating the crash and searching for evidence of fault
  • Finding and interviewing witnesses
  • Pursuing your claim in court

Louisiana is a “fault state” when it comes to auto accident compensation. This means that the party who caused the accident (and their insurance company by extension) is responsible for paying the costs related to the crash. It is important to establish fault for this reason. But if you shared some blame for the crash, there’s no need to worry. Louisiana abides by a legal principle called comparative negligence. Under this rule, you can still seek compensation from the other driver even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Your compensation would simply be reduced by your percentage of fault. If you were found to be 15% at fault, for instance, you could still recover 85% of the total damages you were seeking.

Contact The Firm To Discuss Your Rights And Legal Options

You never thought the 18-wheeler would get in your lane. You didn’t think a driver would go the wrong way down the exit. However, driver negligence causes serious crashes every day. If you want compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, contact Whitworth Law Firm today. Call the Baton Rouge office at 225-376-2580 or email the firm to get started. We respond to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.