Did An Accident
Put You Out Of Work ?

Keep Your Head Above Water With The Help Of A Maritime Accident Attorney

Reckless, intoxicated and unqualified boat drivers can cause a fun day on the water to go extremely wrong. Those who work on commercial vessels on the waters around Louisiana face their own unique dangers simply because of the work they do. If you’ve been injured in a recreational or commercial maritime accident, you need to call an attorney for assistance. Whitworth Law Firm is a maritime law and personal injury firm that has served the people of Baton Rouge for over 30 years. Attorneys Richard G. Whitworth and Lohr E. Miller have over 50 years of combined experience in maritime law.

Skilled Advocacy In Recreational Maritime Accident Cases

While the water can serve as a place for relaxation and fun, rivers, lakes and oceans are often the site of injuries. The attorneys at Whitworth Law Firm advocate aggressively on behalf of victims of:

  • Speedboat and pontoon accidents
  • Drunken boating accidents
  • Crashes involving jet skis and other personal watercraft
  • Cruise ship passenger accidents
  • Drownings and other fatalities on the water

If you have been injured, you may qualify to get compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages (from time unable to work), permanent disability, and pain and suffering. If you’ve lost someone you love to a fatal accident, the firm can also help you recover additional damages, such as compensation for funeral and burial expenses.

Protecting Maritime Workers Injured On The Job

Workers who get injured on land are generally subject to Louisiana’s workers’ compensation laws. But maritime workers have different protections under important laws like the Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Death on the High Seas Act.

The attorneys at Whitworth Law Firm can help you seek maximum compensation under applicable laws for accidents and injuries such as:

  • Commercial fishing accidents
  • Port, dock and terminal accidents
  • Offshore drilling accidents
  • Diving accidents
  • Collisions with other vessels
  • Cruise ship staff and crew injuries

The firm has worked with boat owners, sailors, cargo ship workers, longshoremen, harbor workers and other individuals injured in the course of maritime employment.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney About Your Legal Options

Located in Baton Rouge, Whitworth Law Firm serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Louisiana. To discuss your commercial or recreational maritime accident with a skilled attorney, call the firm today at 225-376-2580 or reach out online. The firm responds to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.